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Feb 18
Exhibition: Paul Miller Casting Light
Oct 10
Seeing Science: Rothwell and Laurence_environment
Oct 10
Seeing Science: Julia Davis Geology and time
Oct 10
Seeing Science: Shona Wilson Seed Rain
Oct 10
Seeing Science: Jack Stahel Imaginary Science
Sep 23
Seeing Science: Julie Brooke
Sep 22
2014 ACARA Video

​In 2014 The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), Sydney University and the Australia Council for the Arts provided this video about 'how participation in the arts at school has valuable and long-term benefits for children of all ages and abilities, in terms of both academic and non-academic outcomes and achievements'.

Arts Participation

Sep 16
Seeing Science: Maria Fernanda Cardoso Art: vs Biology
Sep 14
Seeing Science Manifesto
Jul 30
Our House Victoria Lobregat



Bubblegum House GCS_sm.jpg

Bubblegum House, 2017

gouache on arches heavy watercolour paper,

60 x 50cm


Information from Victoria Lobregat

Pattern is a recurrent motif, as is repetition, and geometry. The desire to embellish ourselves and the world around us seems intrinsic to the human experience. My paintings use pattern as a sensory device, and the images embedded within coloured, geometric waves and lines are of latent memories of a certain place, and of a rapidly transitioning façade.

The objects that I choose are imbued with a collective meaning as they are often domestic objects from mid -last century, and I find juxtapositions of them to my work investigate a more personal layer of meaning.



Take a walk in a local street to observe the different architectural styles of each home. Write and sketch your responses to the following:

What clues do you see in each building façade to suggest the era it was constructed?

What embellishments or changes can you see have taken place over time?

What sense of the people living there do you get from looking as the furnishings and garden ornaments?



Create an artwork to capture the memories in your own home. Take a photograph of your home from outside and then print the image centrally on an A4 piece of paper. Using the blank space add colour and pattern that you feel gives a sense of lived experience within your home.

Lobregat_Bubblegum House.pdf

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